TekThing 106 – CES 2017: 5G, 4K TVs, 2TB USB Drive, Kuri Home Robot, Norton Core, & Too Many Self Driving Cars!

CES 2017: 5G Launch Date, Crazy Thin 4K TVs, 2TB USB Drive, Kuri Home Robot, Norton Core, & Too Many Self Driving Cars!
00:54 Three Things We Learned at CES…
Tesla’s Gigafactory is producting batteries… the other two are in the video!

02:06 2 Terabyte USB Drive:
Quick Pick from Patrick: Kingston’s 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT Flash Drives from Kingston. Massive high speed mobile backup on the go!

02:57 Kuri Home Robot
Quick Pick from Shannon: KURI home robot! Mayfield Robotics (We Make Helpful Robots) has an Alexa home robot for you!

04:33 Amazon Alexa is Everywhere
Alex is way over 7000 skills now, and integrated in products all over CES. We covered some of our faves, CNET has a running list of everything Alexa at the show!

07:27 Cars at CES…
They might be bigger than Big Giant TVs at CES 2017. We talk Chrysler’s Portal (The Minivan for Millennials!), Toyota’s Concept-i and it’s AI buddy, Yui, and more!

13:11 4K TVs…
Quantum Dots Are Everywhere… everything is too thin, Samsung’s QLED has all the color volume, LG’s Super UHD has Technicolor HDR, and Sony’s Bravia 4K OLED has an X1 EXTREME HDR processor. They’re all gorgeous 4K panels… but being so thin (2.3mm for LG’s ‘Wallpaper’ TVs) has some weird side effects. Sony’s new Bravia 4K OLED TV has a really neat trick: the audio COMES FROM THE SCREEN!!!

19:17 5G: Intel and Qualcomm are all over this!
What is 5G? How much faster is it than 4G? Who’s gonna use it? Can a 28GHz frequency really go through buildings and trees? What did Intel announce? When can you get it? Check the video!

22:27 Catspad:
Is Catspad the ultimate smart automatic cat feeder and water fountain?

25:04 Razer’s project Ariana
This projector for gamers controls the room’s lighting experiences to totally fill your room and completely immerse you in the game!

26:32 Makeblock Airblock:
A drone for kids that’s completely modular and programmable: you can disassemble and reassemble as a drone or a Hovercraft. More info in the video!

27:57 Norton Core:
Can this $200 router from Norton protect you from malware and other problems that happen with vulnerable IoT devices? Are there hidden costs? Check the video!

30:53 Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller…
Lenovo’s 500 Multimedia controller: the keyboard is the touchpad. This is very cool.

31:10 Endless OS
Endless OS is a lovely looking Linux distribution, but we can’t wait to use Endless Code… every app in Endless OS works with a chatbox to teach you to code!

32:35 TP Link
Did somebody say $160 routers w/ Link Aggregation? They’ve also got the Deco seamless whole-home WiFi system on the way!

33:12 LG Gram 14 Laptop
21 hours of battery life from LG’s 2.16 pound 14″ laptop? We want to test this!

33:44 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones…
It’s like the 1More Triple Driver in-ear headphones, but with one more driver and some extra low end kick!
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