TekThing 122 – Cheap Dell Gaming Monitor! Star Trek Bridge Crew VR Review, Two Factor Authentication For Windows!

Cheap Dell Gaming Monitor Packs FreeSync! Star Trek Bridge Crew VR Review, Two Factor Authentication For Windows!
02:57 3 New Dell Monitors!
We love Dell’s U3415W UltraSharp curved monitor, but it’s not cheap. We review the new 1080p Dell S Family Dell 23 and Dell 27 monitors, which pack great screens and AMD FreeSync at incredibly low prices. Want something higher resolution, that packs a ton of style? Check out Dell’s 27 Ultrathin Monitor… there’s just one thing we’d change about it!

12:11 Star Trek Bridge Crew VR
Last week Shannon played Star Trek Bridge Crew VR with the Nvidia GeForce channel team at Ubisoft’s studio in San Francisco… watch the video for a review of the game, the VR experience, and some sweet game footage!!!

22:02 HyperX Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse
Patrick’s been using a HyperX Alloy FPS Keyboard since it launched, so when Kingston asked if we wanted to check out the new HyperX Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse, we were curious. Watch the video for the full review!

24:44 Power Practical Luminoodle
The Luminoodle was built to add bias lighting to TVs and monitors… but, really, the best app for this five foot long string of USB powered LED Lights might be camping!

Dekoni Audio Earpads
The pads on your headphones wear out over time… or, say, in the case of some headphones, they kinda sucked straight from the factory. We bought Dekoni’s pads for the T50RP (they make ’em for Sony’s MDR 7506 and tons more), and discuss what they do for comfort, audio quality, and more in the video!

26:17 Two Factor Authentication For Windows
DJ writes, “You keep talking about two factor authentication. I’m looking for a two factor authentication app that functions on IOS and the PC ( w/o using Chrome on the PC ).” We’ve got two apps you can run on Windows (Authy is free, 1Password isn’t) , and discuss why that might not be the most secure option in the video!

28:21 Do Something Analog
Like James, who did an “Analog Trip to Ireland” and writes, “My wife and I went there for our 10th anniversary and it was amazing.” We’ve got some amazing photos from their trip in the video!
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