TekThing 123 – Speed Up Your Cable Modem! Is Your Battery Pack Too Big To Fly? MS Surface Pro Substitutes, DNSCrypt

Speed Up Your Cable Modem! Is Your Battery Pack To Big For Air Travel? MS Surface Pro Substitutes, DNSCrypt = Security!
00:37 Speed Up Your Cable Modem
Can you speed up for your cable modem for free? Will a new cable modem make your internet faster? Can a modem with more channels cure Internet lag problems? Should you buy or rent? The best cable modems, DOCSIS (and should you buy DOCSIS 3.1), channels, why Shannon bought an Arris Surfboard 6190… we explain it all in the video!

09:05 Cable Modem With Comcast Phone Service?
John writes, “No one ever seems to talk about upgrading a modem if you also have voice service,” and wonders if he can buy a new modem… answers in the video, and if you have Comcast, you’ll want to check out MyDeviceInfo.Xfinity.com!

14:34 Is There A Cheap Alternative To The Surface Pro 4?
Joseph loves the Surface Pro 4, and writes, “I like the idea of having the option of typing when I need to but using the touch screen most of the time, just not at Surface 4 Pro prices.” The Pro 4 is a great laptop, but a lot of the alternatives will be way slower if you do heavy computing. (BTW check out the Acer Switch Alpha 12!)

21:33 FAA Rules For Battery Packs/Calculate Watt Hours!
Dave wrote ask@tekthing dot com, “Shannon mentioned that she was taking the Anker battery with her to survive the flight to Australia. At 20 Ah x 5V, this battery clocks in at 100 Wh, the upper limit of ‘consumer’ batteries allowed by FAA and most other national equivalents. Batteries of up to 160 Wh are allowed *with permission from the airline*. ” We talk FAA rules for batteries, and calculating Watt Hours in the video!

25:46 DNSCrypt Means More Privacy & Security!
Jeffs Chips writes, “DNSCrypt – it says it all. You can’t have privacy without using it.” We explain what DNSCrypt does in the show, and demo SimpleDNSCrypt!

30:52 Add An App To Windows 10 Startup Group
Patrick’s usually -stopping- programs from starting when Windows boots. Want to add an app to Windows 10 startup? It’s an odd process, we show you how in the video!

32:22 Do Something Analog
Like Bill, who sends a picture of a freshly drilled hard drive, and asks, “Is this a decent way to handle a failed HDD before sending it off to be recycled? I tried a hammer first, but that didn’t do much damage.”
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