TekThing 135 – Test Your WiFi Speed! Bitdefender BOX Review, More Storage For Your Laptop Drive, Linux or Windows?

Test Your WiFi Speed! Cam Bitdefender’s BOX Protect Your IoT? More Storage For Your Laptop Drive. Linux or Windows?
00:31 USB WiFi Adapter Speed
Tyler writes, “I recently moved and now have to use a USB wireless adapter on my PC. It is really bad, after the Windows 10 upgrade my TP-LINK TL-WDN3200 is basically a 2.4GHZ only adapter. If you have any pointers I would appreciate it, or maybe your best picks for an upgrade. I was thinking of going with a PCIe adapter with an antenna base.” We talk WiFi adapters like the ASUS USB-AC68, how drivers can -kill- your performance, testing network speed, and why Ethernet rules in the video!

10:03 Bitdefender BOX Review
Can Bitdefender’s $130 BOX protect computers, phones, and all the IoT gear on your home network? Is it worth the annual subscription? Full review in the video!

21:39 More Laptop Storage
Dan writes, “I am in the market for a new laptop, and I’m leaning towards a Surface. Here’s the issue — drive space. I don’t want a high-end system, but I do want space for all my pics, home movies, and music. 256 GB would leave me room to grow, but if I get a Surface with 128GB drive (an option I’m fine with), what is the IDEAL way to extend the space?” We talk flash drives, external drives (Which will work fine w/ BackBlaze, Dan!), tiny thumb drives from SanDisk and Samsung, and more in the video!

26:52 Linux or Windows?
Spatz emailed ask@tekthing.com, “I’ve just bought a new Dell XPS laptop and cannot decide whether to install Linux on it or just leave it with windows 10 OS. What antivirus and malware software can be run on Linux?” We talk dual booting, why running a Linux VM in Windows might not be fun, how no one we knows runs AV on Linux, and more in the video!

30:58 Do Something Analog…
…like @jwtravel1 who tweeted, “@Snubs Now this is analog!! No electronics used at all!!!”
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