TekThing 136 – Cheap Gaming PC CPU: Ryzen 3 or Pentium G4560? BroadPwn Will Ruin Your Phone, Best LED Light Bulbs!

Ryzen 3 or Pentium G4560? BroadPwn Will Ruin iOS or Android, Voting Machines Hacked, Best LED Light Bulbs! DEF CON 25

01:09 Adobe Flash EOL
It’s official: Adobe, Mozilla, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and pretty much everybody else are gonna kill Flash. Find out when in the video… and the open source group that wants preserve flash!

03:50 Def con 25: Best Hacks!
Watch out for BroadPWN if you have iOS or Android, find out what the WiFi Cactus does, and this year’s DEF CON hosted the first Voting Machine Hacking Village, a room dedicated to hackers working to find vulnerabilities in voting machines used across the United States. Find out what happened in the video!

12:53 AMD Ryzen 3 Review
PCPer’s Ryan Shrout joins us to talk about the performance of AMD’s new 4 core Ryzen 3 1300X and 1200 Processors ($129/$109) vs. Intel’s Core i5-7500 and the performance per dollar leader the Pentium G4560. Check the video if you’re building a cheap PC!

23:01 Tiny Apps on High Res Monitors
Zebulon’s scored a 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 monitor, but some apps are too tiny to use without changing the monitor to 1080P. Do we have a fix? Watch the video to find out what we do, and “Microsoft May Never Fix the High DPI Issues in Windows 10“ is a good read for this! https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/83964/microsoft-may-never-fix-high-dpi-issues-windows-10

28:47 Cheap LED Light Bulbs?
Bill writes, “Do you have any current recommendation for good low cost lightbulbs? The ones that they recommend on sweethome.com are priced higher than I was hoping for.” Bad news, we use the same Cree bulbs they recomend, good news, Amazon has the same 4 pack of bulbs for half the price!

33:27 Do Something Analog!
Like Ricky, who writes, “I don’t know if this counts as #analog, but this weekend i went to kauai for my bday; left the laptops at home in Honolulu, & flew my mavic all weekend. Also went chasing spots that only had “E” or lower for signal strength on my phone.” Awesome!

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