TekThing 137 – Ryzen 3 Problem? 38” Dell Curved Monitor, Detect Broadpwn? How Do 802.11AC Routers Boost N Speeds?

Ryzen 3 Problem? 38” Dell Curved Monitor, Can I Detect Broadpwn On My Phone? How Do 802.11AC Routers Boost N Speeds?
1:16 16 Cores 32 Threads!
AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 1950X is out! Reviews should be out by the time the show is up… hint: it spanks the similarly priced Intel Core i9 7900X on multicore apps!

03:06 Broadpwn Detection App?
Lost One emails, “Is there an app from a trusted developer that can detect Broadpwn? Or another way to know if I’m vulnerable or patched?” Answers on finding out if your iOS or Android phone is vulnerable in the video!

09:08 How Do AC Routers Boost 802.11n Speeds?
Dan tweets, “@TekThing can you explain how upgrading to a ac router will improve even n devices.” SmallNetBuilder.com proved 802.11AC routers can deliver huge improvements on 802.11n throughput speeds, more info in the video!
https://twitter.com/dkutka25/status/893693428680228864 https://www.smallnetbuilder.com/wireless/wireless-features/32512-does-an-ac-router-improve-n-device-performance

13:08 What’s Your Daily Drive Computer?
Luke writes, “What are your “daily drive” computers? I have seen you use mostly dell machines and wondered what you would recommend I’m using a Macbook Pro Retina 13 running OS X with linux VMs for Debian, Ubuntu & Kali. WiFi issues with Virtual Box, have me considering a full time Linux machine. What is your primary OS is and why?” Answers in the video, and here’s links to the Corsair Carbide Series Quiet 600Q, and NFC S4-Mini cases!

16:50 Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved Monitor: U3818DW
We love Dell’s U3415W curved monitor. How does Dell’s new U3818DW 38″ curved UltraSharp compare? We have a review in the video!

21:52 Another High DPI Monitor Trick
Nelson has a trip for making apps that look tiny scale up if you have Windows Creators Update, 1703 or later! Find out how to use the new System option to “Override high DPI scaling behavior” in the video!

24:08 Ryzen 3 Haz no GPU!
Yoel posted on facebook.com/tekthing,
“for non-gamers, the Intel ones come with built in Graphics that’s much more capable and affordable [built in – as in free ;] than the non existent equivalent Ryzen, unfortunately” Thoughts on that in the video!

24:55 Do Something Analog
Like Shannon, who says if you’re a Zelda fan, definitely go see Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses… pix in the video!
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