TekThing 157 – Amazon Echo Spot Review, Best Gear of 2017, Can You Speed Up Your VPN???

Best of 2017: TVs, Phones, Headphones, More. The Perfect Alarm Clock? Amazon Echo Spot Review. Two Fast VPNs Tested!
00:50 BEST OF 2017!!!
What were the products that really stood out in 2017??? AMD’s Ryzen CPUs and Nvidia’s Switch are definitely on our list! We’ve got a couple of TVs, smart phones, and quite a bit more in the video!!!

11:40 Amazon Echo Spot Review
It’s another Echo with a screen, but this time it’s a tiny ball with a round screen… is Amazon’s Echo Spot the ultimate alarm clock? Watch the video for the full review, and if you should buy one now or wait!

21:43 Speed Up VPN
Ed writes, “I use IPVanish as my VPN installed on my phone. Just recently I have read bad reviews such as bad connection etc.. What is the best paid VPN software that is out there in the market?” We talk about VPN speed, why it varies so much, how you can speed up your VPN, and show the performance we got from PIA and PureVPN on our local network, and how one poor choice in your settings can hose your performance! PCMag has a great roundup of “The Fastest VPNs” that’s worth reading!

27:31 This Outlet Cooks Electronics!!!
Lyle tweets, “@TekThing is there a way to check if the wall sockets in my home or office is supplying too much power? For reasons known to Thor, my electronics get cooked when connected to certain outlets.” We talk surges/voltage spikes, why Lyle’s refrigerator or AC might be the problem, wiring problems, calling an electrician, and why you really need to get a surge protector on these outlets in the video!


30:57 Do Something Analog!
Like Greg, who “spent this last weekend in October being very analog teaching 8 great students snowshoe making at the 19th annual Winter Camping Symposium at YMCA Camp Miller near Sturgeon Lake MN.” People came from hundreds of miles away. How cool is that? (Seriously cold, actually, Greg says “we awoke to 6″ of fresh snow on Friday morning!”)

Winter Camping Symposium

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