TekThing 158 – New Dell XPS 13, HP Chromebooks, CES 2018, More Reasons Your Computer Gets Fried, Kill-A-Watt!!!

New Laptops! Dell XPS 13, HP HP Chromebook 14 G5 and 11 G6 Education Edition! CES 2018, Floating Neutral, Kill-A-Watt
00:56 TekThing Meetup Las Vegas
Happy New Year!!! If you’re in Las Vegas for CES, live in Las Vegas, or feel like getting yourself to Vegas on Tuesday, January 9th… come join Patrick, Shannon, Daily Tech News Show’s Tom Merrit, Sarah Lane, and Roger Chang at our CES meetup mashup! Level Up Arcade & Bar – MGM Grand, Tuesday Jan. 9, 8:00 PM! See ya there!


02:11 CES Previews from Dell & HP!
One of the weird things about the Consumer Electronics Show is getting briefed about new products weeeeeeks before they’re announced… which we can’t talk about. We can talk about Dell’s latest XPS 13 (It’s way more than white and rose gold!), and HP’s new Chromebooks, the HP Chromebook 11 G6 Education Edition, and the HP Chromebook 14 G5. Details in the video!

Word is LG will show off the first ever 88 inch 8K OLED display at CES 2018… but we’re more excited about this year’s 4K HDR TVs, announcements from Intel and AMD, getting to see the latest from Nvidia, and Razer, and, of course, the latest headphones, home theater gear, new IoT gadgets, and, yes, if the automatic laundry folding machine -finally- work! Keep an eye on TekThing next week, we’ll posting a ton of video from the show…. Email ask @TekThing dot com and let us know what you want to see!

12:59 Echo Spot Privacy Idea
Seerpea posted on Patreon, “About the Echo Spot: wouldn’t 2 pieces of ‘scotch tape’ over the camera block imaging but allow for light conditioning?” Shannon tested it out at home, find out what happened in the video!

14:57 Security Cam vs. Window Glass
Oscar’s wondering, will Amazon’s CloudCam “be compatible with the scenario of putting the camera inside hooked up, on a window sill with the camera facing outward to the backyard or facing the street. Wondering if it will work as expected with notifications.” Answer in the video!

16:05 More Reasons Your Computer Gets Fried
@garfnodie aka CallMeDavid tweeted @TekThing “Few years ago, my Dad’s houses outlets were showing ~135v. Called power company and they were there and replaced poll transformer before end of day.” Doug emailed in to explain what a floating Neutral is, and why, you hsould “Call a licensed Electrician and get this checked-out promptly.” Now! More deets in the video, and if you’ve got some help for a fellow viewer??? email ask@tekthing.com or tweet @tekthing!

17:27 Kill-A-Watt
Want a safe way to monitor the voltage and Hz coming from your wall, and to find out how much electricity your 120V gear is sucking down? Try a Kill-A-Watt! More info in the video!

18:58 Do Something Analog
Like Jason, who says Here was my analog project, a 1947 Ford Tudor sedan carb rebuild, and you can’t fix it without a proper tool kit… and fur babies Gabriel and Angel! Photos of the carbs, car and critters in the video!
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