TekThing 95 – 3 Google Pixel Problems, $100 Noise Cancelling Headphones, How To Put Out Smartphone Fires

Google Pixel Review, $100 Noise Cancelling Headphones, How To Put Out Smartphone Fires, Stop IoT DDOS Attacks
00:55 – Google Pixel XL Review
Is Google’s Pixel the best Android phone ever? Shannon’s full review in the video!

15:12 – Detect Hacked IoT Devices?
Joseph writes ask@tekthing.com “After last weeks huge DDoS, has anyone come up with an easy way for someone to discover if any of their IoT devices have been hacked with Mirai or other malware? It’s now obvious that this is a huge issue.” Huge, and getting worse. Find out what you can do in the video, and what congress is working on.

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23:35 – Cheap Noise Cancelling Headphones?
Jeff wants some noise cancelling headphones, doesn’t want to spend $300 on the top rated Bose QuietComfort 25, and asks, “can you sort out the crap at the low end for me? ;)” Find out why Patrick doesn’t bother with noise canceling, and what you give with Audio-Technica’s $90 ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint!

27:09 – Samsung S7 Burning, Too?!?
Mike writes, “that article Andrew mentioned was about a S7 exploding, not the Note 7.” Is it time to panic? We talk battery charging bunnkers, LiPo bags, and more in the show!

Put Out Smartphone Fires
BatteryUniversity says “ For best result use a foam extinguisher, CO2, ABC dry chemical, powdered graphite, copper powder or soda (sodium carbonate).” More info in the video!

31:50 – Can You Hear The Danger?
Luke wants to remind everybody wearing headphones that , “being aware of your surroundings includes being able to hear!”

32:40 – Othmane Has Epic Upload Speeds
Othmane Loumrhari posts on Facebook.com/tekthing “From Copenhagen Danmark with Love” 94.64 Mb/s up is epic!

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