Why is a message Vote for Trump showing in Google Analytics language column?

Today, I watched my website statistics, and I saw there a language called:

<URL Redacted> You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!

I have seen on another forum that I am not the only one that has it.


What is it and how can I delete it?

It appeared to be google-analytics language proxies through domain name secret.google.com but the G had been replaced by a similar looking Unicode character glyph: ?. As I suspected… but without the additional info, it was only just not a suspicion. It is GA referral spam. GA referral spam is bad or not influences CPC value of marketing campaigns. When requesting resources from your site, clients (i.e., bots, humans using a browser …) can send additional request headers (e.g., User-Agent, Referrer, Accept) with values of their choice. The Accept-Language request header tells the server which language(s) are acceptable for the client. Now, instead of sending expected values like en or en;q=0.8, de;q=0.7, a client could as well send a value like I like fruits .If an applications makes use of these values (and if it doesn’t dismiss invalid ones), it might end up showing these. Which is the case for server logs, or, like in your case, Google Analytics. Authors of the request probably want to lure people to their site. Either in the hope that the logs get published somehow (getting backlinks),or in the hope that website owners find these values in their logs/applications and get curious.

Vitaly Popov Spam GA

After doing some reverse lookups and investigation we have managed to build profile of this spammer and from his Linkedin profile we see that he has more than 9,7 k connections (which is a lot even for an spammer). Zologic is going to continue keep eye on this guy until Google finds a way to secure languages configurations in GA.

zologic- russian spammer Google analytics

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